Why Punjab University Lahore Students Fail in BA and BSc Programs

Now we will be discussed some points regarding that article why a huge strength of students boys and girls are not get complete success in their annual exams of bachelor of arts (BA) and bachelor of sciences (BSc) programs. Do you know Why Punjab University Lahore Students fail in BA and BSc programs? There are many reasons for losing that great effort in the final exams by the students. According to the Punjab University BA / BSc annual exams result 2017 that total 229,401 candidates boys and girls were to participate in the annual exams of BA / BSc programs 2017 while due to extremely bad situation out of total candidates just 87,926 candidates are appeared in this year final exams BA / BSc with the overall passing percentage of 38.32% by the Punjab University. Here below mention BA / BSc part 1 / 2 annual exams result with passing ratio of candidates by the University of the Punjab where you can easily know that final paper situation of BA / BSc programs 2017.
In the part 1 of BA / BSc annual exams result 2017 by the Punjab University so total students boys and girls 133,892 were to participate while out of which only 48,633 aspirants appeared in the final exams of BA / BSc with total percentage of 36.32% boys and girls. In the part 2 of BA / BSc annual exams of 2017 total 75,376 candidates private and regular base were to appeared while out of which aspirant candidates 33,154 had been passed in their final exams BA / BSc programs with total passing ratio 43.98% percentage by the Punjab University Lahore. If we see the annual exams of BA / BSc composite result 2017 so here total 20,133 candidates were to appeared in their final exams and out of which just 6,139 students are cleared their BA / BSc final exams along with passing ratio of 30.49 percentage by the PU Lahore.
All the aspirants candidates are got well prize and also along with PEEF scholarship worth Rs.75,000/- by the University of the Punjab. Many of the reasons which that mostly students are not attend their proper classes during the course session and they don’t revised their lectures after come back in the home and also many of the students are not gave their mid term exams by the Punjab University Lahore so due to these and many other problems by the PU Lahore mostly students are not get success in their final exams of BA / BSc every year.

Why Punjab University Lahore Students Fail in BA and BSc Programs

Why Students Fail in Ba Bsc
Here you will come to know about the Why Punjab University Lahore Students fail in BA BSC from this site. Punjab University is one of the oldest institute which is offering admission in many programs to the private and regular students. This university is also offering BA and BSC program to private and regular students. Most of the time it happen that more than 50% students fail in their BA BSC exam. There are many reasons behind their failure including lake of preparation. Those private students who takes admission in BA bSC program but don’t study at all at the end results in failure. Syllabus is very tough as the paper comes from the course which was taught in the university to the regular students. But the private students don’t cover their course in their academies and their private college through which they do exam preparation. Asides this there are many other reasons too like students have no idea about the paper pattern and most of the time they don’t prepare their exam according to the pattern of Punjab University. This will also result in failure too.
BA BSC are not easy programs but those students who do even little effort may pass in their exams. Punjab University do not take difficult paper but their paper is for average students. Only those students who never touch a book throughout the year usually fail in BA BSC exams. Those students who are feeling worried about their BA BSC exam can easily pass the exam with a little effort. First of all students have to do practice as well as they have to prepare their exam according to the course outline which will be provided by the Punjab University.
Paper will be from the paper outline and that is why students should focus on those outlines instead of whole book. Secondly student should learn how to solve paper because most of the time student’s answer is right but he didn’t attempt the paper correctly that is why he fail in the exam. If you have any question in your mind regarding to the Why Punjab University Lahore Students fail in BA BSC than you can ask from us through this site by comments. We will try to answer your questions as soon as possible. You can also stay with us to learn more.

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