What is the Salary of Petroleum Engineer in Pakistan

Basically, people say that engineering life is a very lonely life in the entire world. He cannot chill as per his requirements like other does with their life partners. But the worth of engineers is not forgettable in any field of life. Because there is a different kind of engineers in the whole world like a civil engineer as well as others. However, here will discuss the Petroleum Engineer that What is the Salary of Petroleum Engineer in Pakistan. So, after reading this article you will come to know that the worth of this field in Pakistan. In this way, here will deliver the working conditions and another thing about Petroleum Engineer.

Basically, this field person’s main role is to design and develop methods to extract gas or oil from the earth. In this way, they provide their services from the offices and reach the drilling points. However, it is necessary to visit the point of drilling and meeting with oil and gas field workers as well as engineers. So, they can share their ideas for drilling to find the oil from the earth. In fact, they have some other roles like providing the support of mining activates. However, they also provide the services of management as well as gas and oil extraction from the land.

What is the Salary of Petroleum Engineer in Pakistan

Nowadays, the demand for this kind of engineer is going to above as per the project of the government. In this way, the graph of petroleum engineers is going up in coming five years. However, the petroleum engineer must qualify for a bachelor’s degree in terms to get a valuable position. On the other hand, the civil engineer and other engineers also can fill the requirements of this engineer.

Salary in Pakistan:

According to the petroleum engineer, there are some categories of this field that is having different salary packages. So, if we list here according to the work nature then you can see in the below list.

  • The drilling engineer of this field is getting a salary of 2600K rupees approximately.
  • However, the pipeline engineer is receiving a 2085K salary package in his field.
  • On the other hand, Chief of Petroleum Engineer can get a salary of 1780K rupees in Pakistan.

So, there are other opportunities for these field engineers to get different positions. Lastly, if you have some other questions according to your query leave your comments.

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