What is the Salary of DC in Pakistan Qualification Requirements

There are lots of newbies who did not join the Police department but they want to get the post of DC in Pakistan. In this way, some have a question that What is the Salary of DC in Pakistan Qualification Requirements and eligibility criteria. So, here they will find the complete information about the DC Deputy Commissioner post. However, the post of Deputy Commissioner has lots of facilities as per the equivalence of salary scale. In fact, there are lots of departments that are offering the same salary scale with different positions. But this position has its own worth to achieve the bundle of facilities in Pakistan.

That’s why everyone wants to get this post for their comfort as well as facilities. But there is no shortcut way to reach this post directly in Pakistan. However, the candidate goes through the complete process to reach the deputy commissioner post. In this way, the first step to enter the field is to clear the CSS exams. So, the candidates apply for the CSS exams to get this desire deputy commissioner post. However, the qualification, as well as the salary package for the DC, is available here for the candidates.

What is the Salary of DC in Pakistan Qualification Requirements

Basically, the first step is to apply for the CSS after that the process will be going on to get this post. However, the process of CSS exams is not an easy step to clear in the first attempt in Pakistan. Many candidates are applying for this exam to get valuable positions. In this way, the education requirements are here according to the deputy commissioner position.

Qualification Requirements for DC:

It is not a straightforward method to apply for DC and get the position after the exams test as well as other things. However, the qualification is necessary for the candidate’s minimum graduate to apply for CSS exams. So, the requirements of the exam are not very simple for the candidates to pass the exams. In this way, if you pass the exams then you will get the position of Assistant commissioner. However, after the services of five years, the candidates can promote for the position of DC in Pakistan. So, the salary scale for this position is BS of 18 in Pakistan. However, the main feature of this position is getting the huge facility under this post.  So, you need to go first for the Assistant commissioner then you will promote with time for this post.

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