What is the Qualification Required For Deputy Commissioner in Pakistan

Mostly, the candidates are asking that what is the qualification required for deputy commissioner in Pakistan for the jobs. Basically, the deputy commissioner post is the post that belongs directly to the commission of Pakistan. So, this post has its own unique identity in Pakistan. In this way, deputy commissioner is a respectful post that lots of people want to get this in Pakistan. However, there is tough competition for the candidates to get this job in Pakistan. Because it has lots of responsibilities to do the job in Pakistan. That’s way, the candidates face tough competition to complete the test as well as other requirements.

This is not easy to clear the test for the position of Deputy Commissioner in Pakistan. In fact, there is a lot of struggle requiring for the completion of exams. In this way, some hard worker makes it happened in very well form for getting this job. On the other hand, lots of candidate faces the failure to clear the difficult exam for this ideal job. However, here we will provide the requirement of the education for the deputy commissioner job. So, the people who are passionate to get the chance for this position can prepare themself.

What is the Qualification Required For Deputy Commissioner in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the eligibility for this position according to the qualification is available here. So, the seeker of the deputy commissioners can get the information about the qualification for this job. In this way, the details are just below for the candidates of deputy commissioner.

  • The pre-education for the eligibility is a bachelor’s degree to qualify for this post.
  • However, the candidate needs to clear the exams of CSS.
  • In fact, the age limit for this position is from 21 to 30 years old.
  • Lastly, for the exams of CSS, it is not an easy step to clear the test in the first row.
  • It is a very tough time for the candidates to clear the exams in the top 7 percent.

DC Salary in Pakistan

Deputy Commissioner Salary in Pakistan is the basis on the BPS scale. In this way, the selection of the candidate starts with the Assistant Commissioner at the beginning stage. However, for this position, the candidates were nominated on a scale of 17. After that serving of five years, the candidate promotes to the rank of Deputy Commissioner in Pakistan. In this way, the salary also becomes double with the experience of the services. 

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