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Total Marks of 9th Class Punjab Board

All students now looking from here Total Marks of 9th Class Punjab Board. As the academic year concludes, students of the 9th class across Punjab eagerly visit their respective divisional boards’ websites to view their results. This year, however, the format of the result cards has introduced a new feature: alongside the traditional marks obtained, percentile scores are now displayed for each subject. This addition has caused some confusion among students regarding the total marks for the annual examinations.

To summarize, the total marks for the 9th class under the Punjab Board can either be 505 or 495, depending on the choice between Biology and Computer Science. Students and parents need to understand this distinction to accurately assess the student’s performance. To dispel any misunderstandings and provide clarity, this article presents a detailed breakdown of the total marks allocated for 9th-class students under the Punjab Board. The result card for the 9th class typically includes five key columns:

  1. Name of Subjects: Lists each subject taken by the student.
  2. Obtain Marks of Subjects: Shows the marks scored by the student in each subject.
  3. Percentile Score: Indicates the percentile ranking of the student in that particular subject.
  4. Relative Grade of Subject: Provides a grade relative to the performance of peers.
  5. Result Status: Specifies whether the student has passed or failed each subject.

Total Marks of 9th Class Punjab Board

9th Class Result 2023 By Roll Number

  • Rawalpindi Board
  • Bahawalpur Board
  • DG Khan Board
  • Sahiwal Board
  • Lahore Board
  • Gujranwala Board
  • Multan Board
  • Faisalabad Board
  • Sargodha Board

For clarity, the Punjab Board segregates subjects into two categories: Science and Arts. The total marks for each category differ slightly, influenced by the specific subjects included. Below is a comprehensive list of subjects along with their corresponding total marks:

  • Urdu: 75 marks
  • English: 75 marks
  • Islamiyat: 50 marks
  • Pakistan Studies: 50 marks
  • Mathematics: 75 marks (Science)
  • General Mathematics: 75 marks (Arts)
  • Science Subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Computer Science): Each subject carries 60 marks. However, for students opting for Computer Science instead of Biology, the total marks for Computer Science are 50.

One notable omission in this year’s result format is the absence of a column specifying the total marks available for each subject. This might have been an oversight by the IT team. Regardless, we aim to resolve this confusion by providing accurate information about the subject-wise mark distribution. Calculating the total marks becomes slightly complex due to these variations. For instance, if a student selects Biology, the total marks accumulate to 505.

Conversely, opting for Computer Science adjusts the total to 495. This discrepancy often leads to confusion among students and parents alike. For further inquiries or clarification, we encourage students and parents to comment below or consult their respective schools. Understanding the marking scheme thoroughly can significantly aid students in setting realistic expectations and goals for their examinations.

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