Why Student Choose AIOU Allama Iqbal Open University

Pakistan is one of the backward countries which is on its way to development. As this is an underdeveloped country, therefore, education is expansive in this country. Moreover, the nation of Pakistan is poor and every person has to earn for himself as well as for his family. In Pakistan, Per Capita income is only 1500 American dollars which is very low. As basic education is free from the government of Pakistan but higher education is not free at all. Most students enrolled themselves and work part-time to continue their studies. Why Student Choose AIOU is the most important question at the time of admission.

This type of student usually fails because they fail to keep balance in their educational and professional life. Apart from this, there are also many students who failed to get admission to government colleges and cannot afford the heavy dues of private colleges. These type of students and rest of the student desire for an institute which provides them quality education in low prices as well as doesn’t disturb their professional life too.

Why Student Choose AIOU Allama Iqbal Open University

Every student in Pakistan who doesn’t go to school, college, or university on regular basis, joins Allam Iqbal Open University AIOU. This is one of the biggest universities in Pakistan which providence distance education all across the country. From five classes to master’s degree programs. The basic purpose of this university is to provide education to those students who have to work alongside their studies to run the wheel of their families. The biggest benefit of joining this university is that you have not to attend classes on regular basis. The whole study is divided into two parts. One part consists of assignments and the other is of the final papers. All those students who submit their assignments on time and appear in the final exams can easily pass the exams and promoted to the next class.

Why Student Choose AIOU

Most students join this university because its studies are easy as compare to others as well as papers as easy to pass. Many students belong to backward areas of Pakistan and have no such institute in their village or city. To get higher education can get admission to this university and get an excellent education.

This university is working under the supervision of the government of Pakistan. Therefore, there is no fear of fake degrees or other problems like this. It is best to get an education from this university if you fail to get admission to any public institute. And cannot afford the heavy dues of private institutes, whose motto is only to earn a profit. Whatever the reason behind the selection of this university is? It always the first choice of every student who has the urge to get an education but has limited resources.

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