Qualification Required for LLB in Pakistan

The students who are looking for LLB admissions in Pakistan can get the necessary information about the admission of LLB. In this way, the Qualification Required for LLB in Pakistan Age Limit is also mentioning here. So, the candidates of the LLB can get the information that is necessary to know about that before admission. Actually, the Punjab University is a coordinator of LLB programs for different colleges as well as private universities. In this case, the requirements are coming from the Punjab University for the LLB students. However, the colleges are giving relaxation to the students who are seeking LLB admissions in Pakistan.

Before providing the age limits as well as the education requirements there are no limits to the dream that you want to achieve. However, it is a dark side of the education that they are bounding the students with their age limits. In Pakistan, the education system follows this kind of thing to eligible the candidates for the particular educational program. In fact, the students also preparing their minds to get the education or complete the education before the particular age limit. After that age limit, they give up themselves to get the education that they are dreaming of. In some sort, the court of Pakistan breaks the limits of age for the students to get the LLB admission.

Qualification Required for LLB in Pakistan Age Limit

However, the age limits for the LLB program in Pakistan are going here according to government and private organizations. In this way, the HEC is providing the age limits of 22 years for the LLB candidates.

Qualification requirements for LLB:

  • According to the PU, the candidates must have the education of intermediate having 50 percent marks to get admission.
  • The candidates who are having an equivalent degree can also apply for that LLB program.
  • Such as the diploma holders that are equivalent to intermediate education can apply.
  • The A-Levels students having the certificate of that education can also apply for LLB.

LLB age limit for intermediate students:

  • According to the HEC, the candidates who have intermediate qualifications are eligible with an age limit of 18 years.
  • Some universities are extending the age limit for intermediate students to 22 years.
  • In fact, the Punjab University is also providing 2 years of relaxation for male candidates.
  • On the other hand, 5 years of relaxation is available for girls.

LLB age limit for graduate students:

  • In order to the board of education, the eligibility for LLB programs having 26 years old.
  • On the other hand, the age limit is extending with 2 years of relaxation for candidates.

So, you can apply for admission to PU or to other universities with respect to your age limits. However, if you still have any questions in your mind about the LLB age limits you can ask us.

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