Qualification Required For ACCA in Pakistan

ACCA is the organization with the full name of the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants providing education globally. In this way, Pakistan is also providing education for Pakistani students in different organizations. However, the Qualification Required For ACCA in Pakistan is available in full detail here. So, the students who are seeking to know about the requirement of the education for ACCA can find it from here. We are providing the eligibility criteria for ACCA in Pakistan. Here we also will mention the criteria for overseas Pakistani that are studying in foreign countries.

Actually, the organization of ACCA is operating its educational services in various countries globally. However, the main hub as headquarter of this ACCA organization is in London. In this way, the students having this qualification can get the job in various countries. Factually, it is the qualification of accountancy that is covering business accounting and financial accounting in general. However, it has the fundamental skills subjects as well as professional level papers in the study program. That way, the worth of ACCA is worldwide for the students. So, let’s see the qualification requirements for ACCA at the country level as well as the international level.

Qualification Required For ACCA in Pakistan

Qualification Required For ACCA in Pakistan

Here eligibility criteria are available below for the ACCA candidates that are having the nationality of Pakistan. On the other hand, the criteria are available for oversees candidate that is living in UK or America.

Qualification for ACCA:

  • At the country level, the education requirement for ACCA is intermediate for Pakistani students.
  • In fact, the students of A-level with 2 passes are eligible for the ACCA.
  • However, the O-Level student’s passes with 3 are also eligible for this.
  • On the other hand, the foundation diploma holder can also get admission to ACCA.
  • Lastly, for overseas students like Americans, the qualification requirement is higher school education.

ACCA Salary in Pakistan

In the end, the structure of ACCA is also mentioning here that you can see for your information. In this way, it is dividing into three categories like fundamental knowledge, skills, and professionals. According to these categories, the total study hours are approximately 45 for the ACCA. However, in these study hours, ACCA is covering multiple subjects for all three categories. However, if you have any other questions about the qualification requirement of ACCA you can comment below. We will try to answer every valid question for our visitors.

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