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Punjab Govt Decided to Launch Smart School System and Computer Tablet Syllabus

The Punjab Govt has Decided to Launch Smart School System and its syllabus Converted to a Computer Tablet. This was disclosed by the Provincial Minister for Education Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan while presiding over a meeting to determine the areas of jurisdiction for the proposed Private Educational Institutions Commission on Sunday.

Under the proposed system, 55,000 public sector schools, both for boys and girls, will be transformed into centers of excellence through many innovative means including the provision of computer tabs of iPad size to all the students of 8th to 10th grade.

These computers tabs will be uploaded with the course comprising the syllabus of the relevant classes.

The provincial minister for education informed the meeting that the Punjab government will start supplying computer tablets to “Smart Schools” next year and more than 1.2 million students will be provided with this latest tool of learning every year.

Punjab Govt Decided to Launch Smart School System and Computer Tablet Syllabus

The students will download their educational course in the class room through internet and in this way the kids would get rid of heavy bags filled with so many curricular books to carry from their homes to schools.

Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan further informed that the computers server of every smart school will be linked with the central digital library of the government of Pakistan. This step will enable all the students coming from various socio-economic segments of the society equal reach to the latest available knowledge in the world.

The minister termed it a significant step towards introduction of unified educational system which would ensure all the hardworking students to excel in their studies and they would have all opportunities to progress in life as the elite classes of the society already possesses, he added.

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