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Punjab Education Boards Chairman are Working Opposite Policy Terms

Three Education Boards chairmen are working on their designations opposite the policies. According to the terms and conditions, the grade 20 position of an Education board’s chairman can be held by one person for a minimum of three and a maximum of six years only but the chairman of three boards in Punjab is currently working on their designation against this policy.

One chairman is still performing his functions even after spending 10 years in this position and the other two chairmen have completed their maximum 6 years tenure according to the original policy but still, there is no sign of their replacement. The current chairman of the Bahawalpur education board Munir Mehar Bashir Ahmed has been playing the role of the chairman for the last 10 years. He has performed his duties as the chairman of the D.G Khan and Gujranwala education boards before this and for the last six years has stayed in the Sahiwal board chairman’s post.

“Punjab Education Boards Chairman are Working Opposite Policy Terms”

On the other side, the chairman’s of Bahawalpur and Sargodha boards have also completed their maximum legal terms of six years but it seems that they will also not leave this position unless being forced to do so. The Sargodha board’s chairman, Dr.Bashir has previously been at the same post at Multan and D.G Khan boards while Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed has spent all six years at Bahawalpur.

According to the legal policy, the original term for this designation is three years which can only be increased to six years in case of some compel. Even after being a violation of the policy, these chairman’s are still receiving positive signs of further increase in their tenure from the Higher Education Department of Punjab.

The Higher Education Department has said that it has demanded a complete report about the appointment tenure of these chairman’s and the decision about the case will be made upon merit.

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