Problems Faced by Female Students in Pakistan

Getting an education is compulsory for men and women in order to Islam. But, there are many Problems Faced by Female Students in Pakistan that we are going to discuss in this post. Actually, in some areas, people do not prefer to educate females due to many reasons. Therefore, the girls face barriers to getting an education at a high level due to the particular community. However, poverty, gender discrimination, and insecurity of female is the main cause that makes barriers for girls. Sometimes, the family does not have enough money to spend on the education of females. However, boys can manage to get an education by doing some part-time jobs if they are passionate to get an education. But, this problem effect both gender and is a big problem faced by males and females.

On the other hand, if we talk about gender discrimination, some narrow-minded people and community does not allow their female to get higher education even in schools. Do they think that females will do after getting an education? But they don’t know if women are educated, they will develop an educated family.

Problems faced by female students in co education PDF

Meanwhile, the uneducated female cannot think wisely to dream of great things for their children. Aside from the female who is getting an education also facing many problems as well. They face harmful social norms and insecurity when they go to their schools and colleges. Most of the time, parents cannot give time to their females to pick up and drop off their children at school. In this way, it is also a problem for females on the way to school.

Problems Faced by Female Students in Pakistan

We know there are lots of lame excuses that have a lot of solutions to provide education for females. But in some cases, people cannot sort out the things to provide education for women. We heard from families that their females will get married when whey we should focus on their studies. But, as we mention above, educated women can build a better society and develop a great nation.

However, beyond this narrow mindset, we figure out that, there are most schools provide co-education. In this way, there are many problems regarding the trust of parents. Why not, the co-education is harmful to females due to many cases on social media. In this way, parents do not agree to send their females to the institute which is providing co-education.

So, the government and private schools should take notice to provide the facility of separate education for females. On the other hand, the education budget is not enough to provide valuable education for females. In my point of view, the government should take notice to provide the facilities for females in the shape of ads. It will reduce many problems regarding female education. On the other hand, parents should also think about their females to provide them well education for a better nation. As we mention some basic problems that women face to get an education in Pakistan. However, there are valid solutions that can reduce these problems in Pakistan.

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