Pakistan Universities and Colleges Problems with Solutions

Pakistan is one of those under-developed countries which incest a minor part of their GDP on education. It is one of the biggest problems in Pakistan that most of the students never attend their colleges and universities due to lack of money. This is not the only problem faced by the students but there are many other problems too. If you are looking for the Pakistan Universities and Colleges Problems with Solutions then you are in the right place. Those students who get admission to colleges and universities are unable to find quality education. Pakistan is very behind in the field of technology and that is one of the major issues that students are moving to the abroad countries.

There are many reasons that Students of Pakistan do not prefer to get an education from their own country. There are two types of educational institutes, one is private and the second is government or public institutes. Private institutes provides quality education but most of these colleges and universities are only targeting the allied class students and that is why the rest of the students are unable to attend these types of institutes. Second type of institutes are public institutes where education in cheap but the quality of education doesn’t exist.

Pakistan Universities and Colleges Problems

Pakistan Universities and Colleges Problems

Most of the teachers don’t come on merit and they are destroying the career of their students by not providing a good education. Secondly, there is poor management in Public institutes. Who reports to who is not clear and that is why teachers do whatever they want to do. There are some other problems that also exist like students do not attend colleges and universities due to poverty. It does not mean that they can not afford the studies but its means that they have to work to run the wheel of their family.

All above problems have their possible solutions too. The government should make policies that will prove beneficial for students likewise they have to do proper planning and have to establish management development too. The private institute should strictly be instructed to not charge heavy fee from students and they also instructed to provide a stipend to the students on a need and merit basis. Selections of the teachers should be on merit basis and they should also provide possible training so that they can understand the importance of study and can teach in a good. Moreover we should also take possible step to help to eliminate Pakistan Universities and Colleges Problems with possible Solutions.

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