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Major Social Problems of Pakistan and Their Solutions

Major Social Problems of Pakistan and their Solutions PDF & Pakistan is Islamic Country more than 170 millions people live in this Country this Country full of natural Resources but still after 60 years of independence no respect in the world Community.In less then 30 Years of Independence it,s one wing gets Separated (Bangladesh).Remaining Part Till Today live in IMF,World Bank or Foreign Donations.Majority of population is living in rural Areas without Basic Necessities of life.

It is a country where Financial gap between Rich and Poor become widening day by day.From the last 10 years,Extremism is Increasing.Almost Every kind of Problem exist in Pakistan,including Load -shedding,bad Economy,less Educational Facilities,less hospital,Inflation and no pure Water in Many Part.These Problems Exist in Pakistan Before the Independence which as mentioned above was more then sixty years ago.why our beloved Country not Developed Nation even with so many natural Resources?Like China it Got Independence After us and now its a Super Power of the World.Like Japan whose Major Cities were Bombed to hashes and has no Natural Resources but still today they were World Economic Power.

Major Social Problems of Pakistan and their Solutions PDF, PPT

Reason of This Problem:

If we on would think About the Reason of this Problem which Pakistan is Facing Today.there Are Numerous.but Above all is one i.e., politicians.Most of Politicians in this Country want to securing our Seat in Parliament and Many of them have Criminal Cases on them.And above of All there are People who cheated the Constitutions of Pakistan but still are the Part of the Parliament.Its look like the more Corrupt you are,the more you will have chances of being a Parliamentarian.

Solutions of these Problems

Question is now this How we can Solve Problems of Pakistan? Answer of this Problem is Education and Justice.We need to change our Education System those system which based on memorizing can Never give us Desired outcomes.we need system which will give education with understanding,wisdom and Ability to think.When we will be able to think beyond our emotional attachments based on our education, only then we can choose good leaders.Education will give us opportunity to think about the Betterment of our Country.And also justice is another thing which make a Country Sound and make a Society for better Living.

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