PAK AIMS Admission Fall 2023 Entry Test Sample Papers

The institute-of-management-science invites the students of Lahore to enroll in bba as well as bs multiple programs. So, we are covering pak aims admission fall 2023 last date and additional details. Basically, the institute is inviting students to apply online for admission to bs programs in this way there are many passionate who love to get enroll to pak aims organization. So, if you have a result card inter and want to get enrolment, this institute is waiting for your way. Actually, the organization is not new to providing services for Lahore students. In fact, it has popularity in top institutes to provide high-quality education for students. So you can reach pak aimss official site and apply online for enrollment.

Basically, the organization is closing admission in September and classes will start in the same month. In this way, the opportunity for the students to get admission to different faculties is available in this institute. So, the process to apply for enrollment in this organization is not difficult. First of all the applicants need to open the official site via to get access. When you will reach the main page, open the admission section and click on the link to the online application. So, the registration page will appear to cover the personal information for the admission process. In this way, you can provide the program in which you want to study and fill up the field of CNIC, email as well as name and father’s name. Meanwhile, you are also required to enter your DOB and mobile number to stay connected.

Admissions Schedule Fall 2023 :

Department of Business Administration (Pak-AIMS)

  • BBA

4 Years Program

  • BS Accounting & Finance

4 Years Program

Department of Computer Science

  • M.Sc. (Computer Science)

(Morning / Evening)

Majors: Web Application Development. Mobile Application Development. Database Systems, Software Engineering. Computer Communication

  • BS (Computer Science)

Majors: Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development. Software Engineering & Project Management, Computer Networks 8. Communication, Data Mining 8. Database Systems.

PAK AIMS Admission Fall 2023

Actually, the PAK AIMS gets the passport size image as well as nationality information with an ID card to provide admission. Moreover, you need to enter your qualification details in the shape of matric and enter marks in particular fields. So, put your obtained marks as well as the passing year of your degree to complete the process of your admission. However, if you are working in any organization, you can also put the employment details in the shape of the company name and designation. So, the institute will favor you in the study to give an extra extension. Furthermore, when you fill in these details, the organization will ask you to submit 700 for the enrollment process.


Entry test Sample Paper Procedure:-




This section aims at assessing the Standard English usage capability of the candidate. In addition, the questions in this section may include fill in the blanks, identifying error(s) in a sentence on picking up sentences having the same meaning, etc.


Refrigeration of meat the spread of bacteria.

  1. retards
  2. retarding
  3. to retard
  4. retarded

Answer?    A   B    C   D



This section will consist of a passage chosen on a variety of topics. You will have to read the passage carefully and then answer the questions given at the end of the passage.  Therefore, some of these answers may directly some from the passage others may have to be implied. However, each question will be followed by five possible answers. So, you will be required to choose the most appropriate one and mark the answer grid of your answer sheet.



In short, the clarity of some fundamental mathematical principles is evaluated through this section. Therefore, the question may include ratios, percentages, averages, profit and loss calculations fundamental algebraic expressions, and basic trigonometry.

If m is proportional to n, such that when n= 4, then m = 5 what is the value of m when n = 18

  1. 30.35
  2. 22.5
  3. 4.9
  4. 10.35

Answer?    A   B    C   D



This section will have a number of sentences containing the error(s) in grammar, usage diction (choice of words), or idioms. Similarly, some sentences will correct the error in the sentences. In other words, if there is any mistake, will be underlined and lettered. In short, you will be required to identify the error and mark the answer gird. So, if there is no error you will require to mark the answer gird E.


The human foot is made up of a mass of nerves, muscles,
A                           B               C
tendons, and has bones No error
D               E
Answer?    A   B    C   D    E


The pattern and structure of the aptitude of the test are based upon GMAT. The student may find the standard preparation guide for GMAT also useful for this test.

In addition, the students instantly get the report about their admission from the Pak AIMS with respect to their personal information. However, the organization acquiring to the students to submit their fees under Alfalah, Allied Bank, UBL, or MCB Bank. So, the applicants can see the slip and read it to get the last date of submission. Moreover, if you want to know about the queries that you have in your mind, you can open the FAQ of this platform to get additional help. On the other hand, the AIMS also indicates the students to get all details in order to their queries. So, simply open any tab of the website and explore the details about departments, faculty, and more. Actually, there are multiple departments in which undergraduate students can get admission for their studies.

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