My Last Day At College Quotations For FSC Students

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My last day at college easy essay for 2nd year with Quotations

It was the last day at my college and every single student was crying tears. First graders were busy with their own chores to say goodbye to us. The beauty of the college hall was to be seen. The college hall was fully decorated and filled with various fruits and balloons. All the students were waiting to receive the teachers.

My Last Day At College Quotations For FSC Students

As the saying goes, “The teacher lifts him from the earth and takes him to heaven.”

Then the students also have the right to bend their knees whenever they go in front of the teachers. It is true that students who do not respect their teachers are cannot get respect. So all our classmates stood by their teachers. When the teacher came, everyone said that now is your last day in this college. But the memories will always be with you. There are two paths in the world, one is good and the other is bad. If you walk on the right path, you will raise the name of yourself and your parents. And the other way is the way of destruction and disgrace which will ruin the whole life. Similar speeches were made by other teachers. And also you can read about the Emotional farewell speech by students of class 12 class.

“There is no one in the world like a teacher. Leads students toward the top”

” College life is as precious as a fish in water”

last day of college emotional speech

Our juniors also arranged food and drink for us. This included samosas, fritters, jellies, and formalities. Then, at the end of the meeting, everyone ate heartily and burped. The principal of the college started his speech during the meal which I still remember. It never crossed my mind that he said it was not his fault for starving, it was his fault for starving. Along with that, he outlined a number of business plans that were very useful for moving forward in our lives.

Having all the words of our teachers in our hearts and eating our fill, we embraced our teachers for the last time. And get their signatures from your teachers. However, this time I feel I’m dying while I was getting the signatures from my teachers. Overall the occasion was memorable and I cannot forget in my life.

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