My First Day At College Essay For 2nd Year

Many students who appear in the exam of English can face the Essay with the topic My First Day At College. So, here we are focusing on the My First Day At College Essay for 2nd-year students. After reading this essay students will be able to member many things to write in their exams essay. However, the general essay covers simple words and short sentences. Basically, there are different categories of essays that students learn from their key books and Guide Books. In this way, the different key books and guidebooks cover standard essays for the students and sometimes difficult essays. Therefore, students face difficulty while learning the essay from key books.

Usually, many websites are covering this topic with their own mind level and provide different essays. But their essays are sometimes out of the mind to learn for students. So, here we are focusing on the selection of wording to provide the best quality of essay for the 2nd year students. However, there are some tips for the students to use heading while learning or writing the essay for their exams. Basically, headings are always the key tools to remembering the paragraph of the specific topic. So, we are mentioning some important headings that will help the students to write about the heading in their essays. The list is below to remember for writing My First Day At College Essay.

  • Dream to Go College
  • First Entry in College
  • College Building
  • Teaching Staff of College

My First Day At College Essay In English for 2nd Year With Quotations

The biggest dream of my life was about to come true. The biggest dream of my life was about to come true. And I had to go to college the first day. I got up early in the morning and ate quickly. I was so happy that I am now a college student. The family was also amazed at how eager I was to go to college. I put my new pen on top of my shirt pocket and took a register with me and left home to go to college. Along the way, I felt like I was flying in the air. There was a long line at the entrance to the college. When asked, it turned out that they are our seniors and are welcoming us.

On my first day at college essay 300 words

My first day at college was very exciting when I remember that day of my college. It is a beautiful dream and memory from when I was in my school. These days are also very entertaining but sometimes very difficult. But many students say that there is more freedom in college than in school. There, students can enjoy their lives as they wish. These things just settled in my heart and I started dreaming of going to college. Then came the day when I went to college with my father. I put all the documents of the college to get admission. Then the college told me the date of coming to the college. Now I was waiting for the day of joining the college.

But the fact was a little different. The seniors were not welcoming us they even snatched our things from us. And put a piece of paper on our backs with the word ‘fool’ written on it. And one sent me to the wrong class where I was ridiculed. The teachers in the class were very kind and told us the secrets of future success. He told us that the students come out of here as bright stars and the setting sun. So the harder you work, the more successful you will be. I returned home with the words of my teachers in my heart but I still remember that day at my college.

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