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Matric Admissions Online System Challenged in LHC

Matric Admissions Online System Challenged in LHC: JUSTICE Sheikh Azmat Saeed of the Lahore High Court on Wednesday admitted an application for hearing through which a condition for submitting online admission forms for matric was challenged. Matric Admissions Online Application has a challenge for students these days because Pakistan’s Internet facility is not better. Matric Admissions Online System creates many problems for students.

Advocate Muhammad Azhar Siddique filed this application into an already main petition against the compulsory production of B-Form of Nadar with the admission form for ninth and tenth class examinations being conducted by various Boards in Punjab. The lawyer submitted that the board of intermediate and secondary education required the students to file their admission forms through the internet, which was causing great inconvenience to them. Siddique presented in the court many news items published in newspapers pointing out difficulties being faced by the students while submitting online admission forms. He requested the court to make these news items part of the case record and to seek explanation from the board authorities on the matter.

Matric Admissions Online System Challenged in LHC

The judge allowed the application and fixed its hearing for first week of March along with the main case. In the main petition, parents of students pointed out difficulties in acquiring B-Forms. They contended that payment for the B-Forms was contrary to government’s slogan of ‘free education for all’ and amounted to discouraging the students, who do not have means to get that form. The parents stated that the proper time of seeking a B-Form was at the time when the students get admission to an institution and not at the time they have to appear in the examination where of academic future of a huge number has been jeopardized.

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