Learning Outcome Meaning in Urdu

Learning Outcome Meaning in Urdu and Output Meaning in Urdu is the result of learning as well as the act of turning out any production after the process respectively. However, if we distinguish between these two words, we will find the similarity between these two words in general. Besides, the meaning of Outcome is clear when someone learns from nature or from any particular teaching. So, after learning anything, definitely, you will show some sort of outcome about the learning thing. So, we can say that when someone learns from somewhere the result of this learning will be the outcome. Moreover, the hardworking can give you the outcome in the shape of fruitful results. So, this term can use in any phrase that represents the outcome.

However, if we talk about the Output, the word output is normally used in the computer field. In this way, the students of Computer science can understand this word easily. But we are going to try to describe this word’s meaning in this section. So, we can concede that we give something to someone for a particular place and time duration. In this way, he or she will utilize that thing and produce something from it. After processing that thing, the result will be known as output. So, in simple words, we can say that Output meaning is after processing the result. This is the suitable definition as well as the meaning of Output.

Learning Outcome Meaning in Urdu and Output Meaning in Urdu

So, we can elaborate on this word with the example of a simple process. In this way, if you insert something into the computer, the computer process is to provide meaningful information. So, after the process, it provides the result which is called output. Normally the word output using in computer languages to denote the results. So, when a programmer writes any program and executes it, it shows some results. So, the result that comes after processing and expectation in any programing language is output.

On the other hand, if we talk about the word outcome, it represents the standard of learning and any sort of work that shows some results. So, if you are learning some technical thing, after learning you take some actions in order to the basis of your learning. We can say the outcome of your learning. So, if we summarize both teams learning outcomes and output, they both have almost the same meanings in different places and situations. But both have the same meaning which we can say results.

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