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Lack Of Career Counseling In Pakistan

Career counseling means guidance for the selection of a career. There is a Lack Of Career Counseling In Pakistan I am sure most of you would have heard you people choosing the careers for them and then regretting it afterward. This is all cause of lacking career counseling. In Pakistan aptitude tests are conducted that should help students in choosing their careers but unfortunately, they are not even helpful in our country. Then we come to counselors, in Pakistan, they are just doing this work to earn money. This is not at all helpful for the students. In Pakistan, career counseling is lacking the most. Because the parents do not pay attention to the aptitude of the student and make him/her do what they cannot. The parents consider themselves as the best counselors for their child but it is not the reality.

Lack of proper training of career counselors and then the least concern of counsels towards the choice making of their careers is resulting in choosing careers without any help. Although parents start nourishing a child’s brain to do what they want them to, it is not possible to stop the mind to find new ways. And in this time of fast media parents can’t confine students’ minds to something nearly impossible for them to do.

Lack Of Career Counseling In Pakistan

Lack Of Career Counseling In Pakistan

Thus this all result in wrong decisions and then life-long regrets. But yes a parent can guide their children that they get the education as per their wish but then they are not confineding to opt the same field if they want to acquire some other field and make a difference in his society he may.

For example, a parent may tell his child to do graduation in the subjects according to parents wish and then if they really want, they may go for some other field. One thing that really matters in a student’s life is getting an education. Once it is done and parents are satisfying that he has something to fall back upon they can set him free to nurture himself and his abilities.

Here comes the career counseling that he will be needing very desperately and to find the best way for him to get what he desires. But the reason that career counselors are may result in a disastrous end to their wishes and dreams.

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