ISSB Test Sample Test and Papers Initial, Final Test

Inter Services Selection Board ISSB is the governing body to conduct the initial and final tests physical and and written test and interviews for the selection of Pakistan Military Forces (Army, Navy and Air Force). Here you  cant get the Official Information about the ISSB Sample Test and Papers Initial, Final Test Online.

Preparation Questions Intelligence, Psychological Tests and Interviews so you should stay on our this page to get more Information because we are providing the updates regularly. ISSB is the premier human resource organization which selects future leadership for the armed forces of Pakistan.

ISSB acts as nursery for the Armed Forces of Pakistan. if we register for the Pakistan Air Force PAF and do not go for the initial test is it considered a rejection. if we clear the initial test of Pakistan Air Force PAF and later do not go for the Inter Services Selection Board ISSB is it also considered a rejection.

ISSB Test Sample Test and Papers Initial, Final Test


Every candidate will be asked to write a self- appraisal during the psychological test. This will be the last part of the Psychological test. The aim of this is to make you commit about your-self regarding your knowledge about your-self.

ISSB Test Sample Test and Papers Initial, Final Test

The usual headings under which you will be asked to give out the appraisal is:-

  • What is your personal opinion about yourself?
  • What does your parent think of you?
  • What does your best friend think about you?
  • What does your worst enemy think of you?
  • What does your teacher think of you?
  • What are your strong points?
  • What are your weak points?
  • What are the qualities you would like to develop?


  • Selection Board (No & Place) Batch No Chest No UPSC Roll No
  •  Name in CAPITALS as in application form
  •  Father’s Name
  •  Place of maximum residence
  •  Present Address (With Approximate
  • population of the City/town/village)
  •  Permanent Address (With Approximate population of the City/town/village)
  • (Whether District HQ or Not)

Fill in the details below:

  • State & District Religion Whether/ST Mother Tongue Date of Birth
  • Married/Single/Widowed
  • Parents Alive Yes/No
  • If not alive your age at the time of Father’s/Mother’s Death
  • Parents/Guardians Occupation /Income (As applicable)
  • Particulars Education Occupation Income per Month
  • Father
  • Mother
  • Guardian
  • No of brothers
  • No of sisters
  • Your ranking amongst your brother and sister

Educational Record(Commencing from matriculation /Equivalent Examination):-

  • S.No Qualification Acquired Name of Institute Year Division & Marks% Medium of Instruction
  • Boarder/Day Scholar Out Standing Achievement if any
  • Matric/Higher Secondary
  • B.A/B.Sc/B.Com
  • Professional
  • Age ( Year & Months) / Height (in Meter) Weight (in Kilograms)
  • N.C.C Training  Yes/No
  • Total Training (if Yes) (Give details below)
  • Total Training Wing Division Certificate Obtained
  • Participation in Games & Sports
  • Games/Sports Period or Duration of Participation Represented School/College/University
  • Outstanding Achievement, if any


c) Participation in Extracurricular activities :-

  • Name of the activity group Duration of Participation Outstanding achievement if any
  • Position of responsibility/Offices held in NCC/Scouting

Sports team/Extra-curricular group and other fields:-

  • Nature of Commission
  • Choice of Service
  • Number if chances availed for commission in all three services
  • Details of last interview ,if any (Air Force/Navy/Army Selection Board)
  • S.No Type of Entry Place and ISSB No Date Batch and Chest No Recommended/Not
  • Recommended

For the More Information and other details you should keep stay with us and you click below related links for the to get your required information.

  • ISSB Test Selection System

Inter Services Selection Board caters for selection of candidates for training as potential officers for all the three services of Pakistan.

  • ISSB Test Guideline

Inter selection services Pakistan is the best services to select the military and the civil people for the prosperity of the nation.

  • ISSB Test Appearance Criteria

Candidates falling in any one of the following are ineligible to appear in the ISSB tests.

  • ISSB Medical Facilities

Over here you will be provided with free medical facilities. We try our best to ensure that you do not fall sick or get injured during your stay/tests at ISSB.

  • ISSB Female Candidates

There is no difference in selection standard, but there are some variations in the tests and field events.

  • ISSB Recommendation Validity

If you were recommended for a particular course but not included in the final merit list and you want to reappear in the ISSB for the same or any other course.

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