ISSB Test General Information

In order to determine your suitability for commission in Pakistan Army, Pakistan Navy and Pakistan Air Force , your tests and interviews will be held at ISSB Kohat, Gujranwala, Malir,Quetta Cantonments.You will be tested and interviewed for four days, following the day of your arrival.You will be free to go home in the afternoon of the fourth day. However the screened out candidates will be allowed to move back on next day of their arrival at about 1100 hours. The ISSB buses will be available at Respective Railway Stations, general bus stands. You can travel in the ISSB buses free of cost.
ISSB Test General Information
The Information about the schedule and the locations where ISSB buses would be available is as under for students:
Due to prevailing security situation, no pick and drop is available at ISSB Kohat, the candidates are required to reach ISSB Kohat on their own.
ISSB Gujranwala is about 7 KM away from Rahwali Check Post on GT Road and 4 KM from Garrison Check Post(MP Check Post 2) . Our buses will be available at Garrison MP Check Post. Private wagons also pass near the ISSB Gujranwala.

  1.     First bus leaves at 1.00 PM
  2.     Last bus leaves at 1.45 PM

It is 5 KM away from Malir Halt Railway Station/Bus Stand and about 15 KM from Karachi Cantt Station.

  1.     Karachi Cantt Railway Station
  2.     First bus leaves at 1.00 PM
  3.     Last Bus leaves at 1.45 PM

This facility is only for out station candidates. The candidates coming from within Karachi may report directly to ISSB Malir Cantt.
Other Information:
Normally, candidates who fail to report before 3 PM on the specified date are not allowed to join the tests. However, those reporting an hour or so late due to circumstances beyond their control may be accepted. Such candidates will reach ISSB under their own arrangements.
If you report late and are not allowed to appear before the Board, then the Board is not bound to test you on a subsequent date. Likewise, if you fail to report on the specified time and date, ISSB is not be bound to call you again.
You are required to bring along the following ORIGINAL documents-

  1. Original Matric certificate issued by board. Only result card/ mark sheet will not be accepted.
  2. Detailed marks sheet or Result card of matric
  3. Those candidates who have not been issued with Matric Certificate by their concerned board should furnish a certificate in this regard signed only by the Secretary Board. Any such certificate issued by school/college will no be accepted.
  4. The candidates who appear with a “Duplicate” or “Revised” matric certificate or if they have amendments in their names or date of births, should provide certificate explaining the circumstances under which they were issued with “Duplicate” or “Revised” or Amended matric Certificate, signed only by the Secretary Board.
  5.  The original certificate and marks sheet/result card of Intermediate (FA/FS.c, DAE/D.Com/DBA/ICS) is mandatory.
  6.  Appearing candidates who have completed FA/FS.c part-I will bring original part-I marks sheet along with surety/hope certificate of college.
  7.  In case of “O”, “A” level, equivalence certificate and birth certificate are compulsory. PHOTOCOPY OF ANY CERTIFICATE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTABLE.
  8.  Those candidates who have applied for the courses demanding qualifications higher than intermediate are also required to bring their superior degree/ certificates as mentioned in the concerned course advertisement
  9.  Domicile is a must for all those candidates of remote areas, who are eligible to apply on 45% marks in FA/FSc.
  10.  No plastic coating is allowed on degrees/certificates except those which are already coated and cannot be removed.
  11.  In case of non-possession of above-mentioned documents you will not be allowed to appear in the test and will be reverted back without paying traveling allowance.
  12.  Before your arrival, you may contact GSO-2 (Selection) of your concerned ISSB on telephone number mentioned at the end or GSO-2(Selection) ISSB Kohat to clarify any doubt about educational certificates.

The Government of Pakistan will not be responsible to pay any compensation for any injuries sustained during the tests. Every possible medical assistance will, however, be provided free of charge. Seriously ill or injured candidates are treated at military hospitals.
TV, newspapers and facilities for indoor games like Badminton and Table Tennis are available to the candidates.
Traveling allowance will be paid to you before departure from ISSB. This is equal to the fare between the place of your residence and ISSB. For this purpose your place of residence will be considered the one, which has been mentioned in your application. For journey performed by road, the allowance will be calculated on the basis of bus fare. If the road journey is shorter than the rail journey the allowance will be paid on the basis of bus fare. In case you are serving in the armed forces, you should obtain a railway warrant from your unit, as you are not entitled to traveling allowance. The candidate is allowed to change his residential address, after written once on TA form by him.
Candidates must not bring following items in ISSB:

  1. Camera (all types)
  2. Audio – visual items
  3. Mobile Phone
  4. Pets
  5. Liquors/ Drugs
  6. Fire Arms
  7. Government banned items
  8. Any valuable items
  9. Large sum of money


  1. Any attempt by you or by anyone on your behalf in the shape of “SIFARISH”, use of unfair means in Selection Board’s tests or non compliance of Board instructions will debar you for consideration for commission.
  2. You are advised not to approach ISSB directly or indirectly, for any favor regarding your selection before or during your tests. Any violation of this may result in your withdrawal.
  3. Candidates are not allowed to leave ISSB premises during their stay.
  4. Every effort is made to ensure the safety of your belongings. However ISSB will not be responsible for any losses.
  5. Mobile phones may be brought along however; these will be collected on your arrival at the Reception as mobile phones are not allowed in the premises of ISSB. The same will be returned to you before your departure.
  6. You will be photographed on your arrival. Its expenses plus various other expenses, which are not payable by the government, are charged from candidates on arrival day at the rate of Rs.50/- per head. An extra amount of Rs.10/- will be charged from recalled candidates.
  7.  Candidates will bring their own utility items like towel and essential toiletries.
  8.  You should bring your own writing material (blue ball point/ink).
  9. All required items are also available at ISSB Canteen on payment.
  10. Female candidates should not bring along Jewelry.

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