Islamic Studies Scope In Pakistan

Basically, Pakistan is an Islamic country and was built on the basis of Islam. However, not all the principles and laws of Islam are observed here. As you know, the heads of state who hold high positions do not want all the laws to be Islamic. Even a large section of the public does not want Islamic law to apply here. But Islam is the only religion that teaches only peace and the principles of the well-being of the people. However, here we will discuss Islamic Studies Scope In Pakistan. So, the students who are having an interest in Islamic studies can get important information from here.

Usually, there are not many universities who are providing the complete education of Islamic studies. However, some Islamic universities are available that are providing Islamic education in Pakistan. So, we are mentioning the name of these universities that are providing the education of Islamic studies in depth.

Islamic Studies Scope In Pakistan Starting Salary

List of Islamic universities in Pakistan:

  • Dar-ul-Islam University
  • Wafaq-ul-Madris
  • International Islamic University of Islamabad
  • Minhaj University Lahore
  • Aleemiyah Institute of Islamic Studies Karachi
  • Riphah International University of Rawalpindi
  • Al-Hamd Islamic University
  • Islamia University of Bahawalpur

These are the most famous universities in Pakistan with respect to division. However, there are many other universities that are providing Islamic studies in Pakistan.

Factually, Pakistan is having many universities that relating to the governmental as well as private sectors. In fact, Lahore is a well-known city of universities that is having all kinds of universities. In this way, there are many fields and with respect to the field, there are many universities. However, Islam is the main pillar of our country in which Pakistan was built. So, there is a very good scope of Islamic studies in Pakistan.

Islamic education VS non-religious school education:

Here we are discussing some Equivalency between Islamic educations as well as non-religious school education. So, the Nazara Quran education is comparable with the 5th grade of school education. As the Hafiz-e-Quran it is equal to 8th class. On the other hand, the Tajweed or Qeeraat is equal to matric education. In fact, the Tehrani is equal to higher secondary education as well as MohqafalehKhasa VA Sada is equal to BA education. Lastly, the Alamiya or DauraHadees is comparable to MA in Arabic study. However, the students can do MA Islamic studies by the government board of Pakistan as well. For a complete chart of the comparison, you can go to the available link here.

Scope and starting salary:

The students after completing their education with the equivalence of 8th class can become a Mozain in any mosque. They will get 25K to 45K per month. On the other hand, the equivalence of 12th education can become an Imam of the mosque.

However, the MA Arabic student can take a hold of any mosque after completing his education. In fact, he can become a professor in any university for Islamic education. For further queries, you can comment in the below section. If you found it helpful then show your interest by putting your thoughts in the comments section.

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