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Islamiat Pairing Scheme 9th Class 2024 New Book Punjab Board

In order to the new syllabus the Islamiat Pairing Scheme 9th Class 2024 New Book Punjab Board is here. So, all individuals who are going to appear can see the scheme in the below section. In fact, we are also going to mention additional details according to the subjects. So, you will able to find it at this place. However, if you are new and looking for all the details, you will get on this platform. Actually, there are several individuals to which you can reach and find the required things. So, the team is putting for the individuals that will sort all things for the individuals of the 9th class. You can take a step below to see the chapter-wise details and more.

Basically, the first section is all about the Suraha in which some verses will come in the paper. In fact, it will ask the individual to write their translation according to the verses. So, if you remember the complete Suraha, you will easily complete it. On the other hand, some MCQs will also come in that part of Surah Anfaal. However, the expected MCQs and short questions are here. The possibility is that 4 MCQs to come in the paper. On the other hand, the short questions will come up to 9 from that part of the book.

Islamiat Pairing Scheme 9th Class 2024 New Book

Similarly, if you will move to the next part of this book, you will get the section on Hadit. You already know the syllabus and number of Hadits that is in the class 9th. In addition, there are two habits that will come in the paper as per the scheme of the board. In this way, you will translate and explain according to the topic that will come in the paper. However, under this category, there are 3 queries that will come and will show you further details accordingly. But this is not enough to put the effort into these things.

Islamiat Pairing Scheme 9th Class 2024 Punjab Board

9th Class Islamiat Pairing Scheme

There is another section in which you need to put into and find the additional data from the book. The last part of the book asks a long question. In this case, you will see the Thematic study (Mozuati-Mutalia) in which there are few topics. In this case, you need to put those in the area of your list. So, when you will provide it, it will show you further details. According to the policy, you need to focus on the short and long topics of this section. It is holding 4 MCQs and 6 Questions as per the policy of the board. You can see a complete section of the table.

Islamiat Pairing Scheme 9th Class

It will help to determine and find the required things according to the policy. Moreover, if you are also going to see the additional record that is related to this subject, you can explore the main platform. So, you will able to gather the required data that the board is putting for their aspirants. In fact, you can also see some helpful things that are more important to remember for the final exam. So, you go through the procedure and get good marks in your final exam.

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