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How To Prepare For CSS Exam With Past Papers

Past papers have always been very helpful to CSS aspirants in many ways. Even, lots of CSPs have been suggesting aspirants put a special focus on How To Prepare For CSS Exam With Past Papers while they are preparing for the exam. It has lots of benefits among which the most important one is “The flavor of the real exam.”  CSS Past Papers PDF can help you get an amazing flavor of the CSS exam that has already been experienced by several succeeded aspirants before. Also, past papers give an idea of how a paper can be solved at a particular time. Moreover, it helps to identify the main topics determined in the syllabus.

Now, let us have a look at how we can take past papers to prepare for the CSS exam once we sit to do so. The following points would define the way that can be used to prepare for the exam from past papers.

Analyze Past Papers

First of all, analyze past papers. Look at every question that has been asked in the question paper. Analyze the statement and the way the examiner asks a candidate to answer him. The main intent of the examiner can be seen through the statement he has used. It will help you criticize in the right domain. In short, use the best of your analytical skills to understand the length and breadth of the question paper so that you can attempt it in the right way in your exam.

Compare the content of the Syllabus with Past Papers

Highlight Hot Topics

Once you are done with the analysis, go for highlighting the important topics. We believe that you would have understood the overall syllabus of the CSS exam before you prepare for it. Therefore, you must focus on the important topics that have come in the recent papers of previous years. This process will enable you to have the exact material to study. Remember! Highlighting important points in the past papers never mean that you can ignore the rest of the syllabus. There is no shortcut in the CSS exam rather you have to cover all the content required to pass it.

Prepare all Important Topics

Once you are done with highlighting, the next step is to prepare them. Pick up important topics one by one and make your mind completely prepared through it. You can read books or portions of a book to prepare the important topics, or you can go for research papers. Make detailed notes of the topics from your favorite source, and later, precise them for your ease. Such short notes would advantage you near the exam during the revision of the subject.

While you analyze and prepare for a subject, keep in your mind that the questions in the papers are covering the defined syllabus. You must check the questions whether these questions cover the syllabus of the subject or not. You can compare questions with the syllabus in recent years’ papers. This will give you an idea of the portion that you have covered from the past papers, and you will have an idea of the remaining topics that need to be prepared further.

Practice Past Papers as per Time Allowed for It.

During the preparation, one of the best things you can do is practice the past papers. It will allow you to handle the time perspective during the actual exam. It will not only help you estimate the subject’s preparation but also time management for the real exam. Do not consider the time element initially. This is the concern of a later time.

To sum up, past papers have had a great impact on the preparation of CSS aspirants. You can go through the above mechanism to prepare your subjects through past papers study.

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