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How to Offer/ Perform Missed/ Qaza Namaz

Here you can find the complete details of How to Offer/ Perform Missed/ Qaza Namaz Missed Namaz are called Qaza Namaz. If you have missed your namaz for any reason then there is a way to offer it. Qaza means to recite namaz when the actual time of that namaz has passed. Namaz is far ofromn every Muslim and he has to perform it on time but if he is unable to offer namaz due to serious reasons then he can offer that namaz as a Gaza. Remember that salah is necessary and is not forgiven.

You should know that on the Day of Judgment, the first question that will be asked will be of salah. If you have missed your salah of five years then you have to pray all Gazaa name of five years. There is no namaz that can compensate for all the missed namaz. For example, if you have missed five-time namaz in one day then you have to pray all that five qaza namaz (e.g Fajar, Zohar, Asar, Magrib, Isha).

How to Offer/ Perform Missed/ Qaza Namaz

How to Offer Perform Missed Qaza Namaz

Here are the Instructions to offer Qaza Namaz:

  • In the Qaza Namaz of (Fajar, Zohar, Asar, Magrib) only Farz should be offered while witr should be prayer in combined with Isha Namaz.
  • In Ruku and Sadjah you should recite “Subhaana Rabbiyal Azeem” and “Subhaana Rabbiyal A’la” one time instead of saying it three times. You should not rush the words and don’t leave your posture until proper utterances of words.
  • Instead of reciting the whole surah Fatiah in the (thirds and fourth Rakat of Faraz Namaz) say, “Subhan Allah” three times and go to Ruku. Say “Subhan Allah” three times properly and do not mix up. It is only for Farz Namaz.
  • It is must to recite the full Surah Fatiha in third rakat of Witer. Surah Fatiha is followed by the last three ayahs of Quran.
  • In the last Qaidah (when reciting Attahyyat) before salam, after Attahyyat instead of full Durood and Dua just say, “Allah Humma Salle Ala Sayedena Mohammad Wa Aalihi”, then finish the Salat with Salam. It is not must to recite Dua here.
  • In With instead of reciting Dua-e-Qunoot you should say “Rabbnagh Fir Lee” one or three times.

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