How To Join ISI As Assistant Director

There are many passionate candidates who want to join ISI to provide their voluntary services for our country. But the organization of ISI pays back the volunteer workers beyond their expectations. In fact, the ISI invites passionate candidates to join this organization for different posts. In this way, we are discussing How to join ISI as Assistant Director and salary in Pakistan in this post. So, you can read this post and get help about the jobs in the ISI organization. However, there are multiple jobs available every year in this organization for candidates. In fact, you can apply for the Assistant Director post in ISI through the proper channel. So, we are going to mention the details about the process and how to apply online in this post.

Basically, there are different websites having advertisements for ISI jobs on their platforms. In this way, the advertisement for ISI jobs covers different posts to select the candidates. But, most of the selection came in form of the armed forces to select the candidates. In this way, most of the candidates who are already in the Pak armed forces apply to this organization to provide their services.

How to join ISI as Assistant Director and salary in Pakistan

How to Join isi

However, there is not any restriction to apply directly or indirectly for ISI posts. So, the candidates who are passionate about the Assistant Director post can apply directly to join ISI. In this way, you can visit any armed force’s official website to get the resource of ISI organization. In fact, you can also read the process of online application at the Pak Navy’s official website.

Actually, the salary of an Assistant Director in Pakistan is about 147K per month which starts from 80K per month. So, the armed force of the Pak Navy will provide you with the application form to apply for ISI posts. However, the range of salary can reach up to 210K per month with passage of experience.

But it is the general salary figure for the post of Assistant Director that most organizations pay in Pakistan. So, the difference in the salary figure can little bit change in the ISI organization. Moreover, the candidates can apply for this post online with the help of the Pak Navy or Army force. So, reach the armed force’s official website and apply for the ISI assistant director post online.

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