How To Check Marriage Registration Certificate Online in Pakistan

As we know that everything is getting computerized even the prosperity registry and Marriage in Pakistan. In this way, there are many people who are searching How to check Marriage Registration Certificate online in Pakistan? It is a good question because there is a lot of news running about how to check the status of a married in Pakistan? and How to check marriage certificates online? all these questions are rising due to the computerized system of our marriage. However, there are main three authorities that are issuing the marriage certificate. So, the name of these are Union Council, TMA Office that handles the traditional marriage certificate and the last one is cantonment board office. Basically, these authorities issue the marriage certificates that handle the organization of NADRA.

As we can see our ID Card by searching the CNIC number that handles the NADRA office. But, the NADRA organization only computerizes and takes records of Marriage to provide the information about Bride and groom. However, the people of Pakistan can manually get the details about the marriage certificate from the NADRA office. In fact, they can computerize their Nikahnama from the NADRA office. In this way, there are some requirements are listed below.

How to check Marriage Registration Certificate online in Pakistan

  • First of all, you need to provide the Traditional Nikahnama in Urdu language or English.
  • Provide the CNIC of the Groom as well as the Bride to computerize the Nikahnama.
  • In fact, provide CNIC of Bride’s as well as Groom’s Father.
  • Lastly, the CNIC of Nikah Khwan to get the marriage certificate from the NADRA office.

In addition, if you are a foreigner, you also need to provide copies of your passport. So, you can get your marriage certificate from any branch of the NADRA office in which you apply.

We discuss some important points in the above section but the question is still in the place how can we check Marriage certificates or Nikah Nama? The answer is only you can check manually from the office on your request. Because this is not a public property in which anyone can check this record online. So, the NADRA is a responsible organization that is handling the record and certificates of Marriage in it. Therefore, if you want to check the record, you can contact any branch of NADRA to check Marriage certificates. In fact, you can send requests for inquiries if you face any issues about the marriage. In this way, the organization will cooperate to provide the information that is necessary for you.

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