HEC Scholarships for Need Based Students Registration Forms and Lists

Higher Education Commission (HEC) aims to elevate the at least for the 10,000 candidates position of the needy & deserving students by providing access to quality education through needs-based scholarships. Government of Pakistan (GOP) has also duly acknowledged the financial constraints barring students from acquiring higher education and has thus earmarked substantial funds for the improvement of education sector.

Scholarship is based on assessment of need and merit as well as availability of funds. Selection will be decided on the basis of information provided in this form and investigations for the authentication of provided information. Candidate may be required to appear for interview.


HEC Scholarships for Need Based Students Registration Forms and Lists

Those candidates whose needy and want to make their future bright Higher Education Commission (HEC) Make these scholarship opportunities for those candidates and Money Fund for the Studies For the Public Sector 60 Universities/ and those educational department whose registered the Degrees. In the Scholarship various dues are included Tuition fee, Books, Hostel, Different Educational Expenses and Transport.


Fill in the form using black ball point pen and write in capital letters and leave space between words Read the application form carefully. Make a photocopy of the application form Complete the photocopy form and make sure everything is correct and final Copy all information from photocopied form to the original form Submit duly completed application form to the Financial Aid Office or focal person Furnish factual.

Comprehensive and authentic information in the form For family financial reporting parents/ guardian may be consulted for guidance Whenever in doubt or lost, seek help from the Focal Person / Financial Aid Office Check your application for spellings, grammatical errors and factual oversight Keep a photocopy of the filled-in original application form for your record Ensure that you have attached all the required documents by putting a tick mark in checklist HEC Needs Based Scholar Program Application Form Answer all questions. Those not applicable should be marked “N/A” Affidavit Needs to be submitted after final selection of the candidate.

How to apply:

  • HEC looks forward to support needy students in sharing educational expenses. However please note that under this scholarships scheme, the funds are not transferred directly to students by HEC. The payment is made to needy students through participating Universities/ Institutions.
  • The deserving students can obtain complete Scholarship Application Form from the Financial Aid Office (FAO) at the participating University/Institution or can be downloaded.
  • The Scholarship Form will be submitted along with supporting documents to the same FAO office after completion.
  • Students need to get admission in any one of the approved disciplines at the participating Universities/ Institutions as per their admission criteria.
  • Please note that partial scholarship for already enrolled students is not covered under this project.


  1. Scholarships are available at undergraduate & graduate levels in the prescribed disciplines at the Partner Pakistani Universities and Degree Awarding Institutions.
  2. Students need to secure admission in the approved discipline at the participating institution as per their admission policy and be enrolled in Undergraduate / Graduate programs.
  3. Only those students who will enroll in first professional year in the respective courses offered by the participating institutions are eligible to apply.
  4. The eligibility of a candidate is linked to neediness of the candidate as determined & assessed by the financial background of his/ her family.


  • Only those students who are applying for Spring/ Fall 2012 admission in the respective courses offered by the participating institution at eligible to apply.
  • The filled application should be returned to relevant Financial Aid Offices where the applicant intends to secure admission.
  • Can be linked to low-income class.

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