Hajj Draw Result 2024 Candidates List

Here you will come to know about the Hajj Draw Result 2024 Candidates List at It will also work the same as your CNIC will show the result. On the other hand, the page also holds the inquires section in which you can also explore additional things. So, the Hajj Info site will show you all the important things that you are looking to know bout it. Furthermore, if you have any sort of question regarding the result, you can ask your query. However, the ministry of this organization also provides help as per the request of the people. So, you can also contact the official team to get additional support.

The scheduled dates for Hajj 2024 are near to announce but advised to begin preparations for their journey as soon as possible. In this way, if you get a name in the selection list, you should start preparing to go for it. However, the method of checking is not difficult to reach out to and see additional details. So, when you visit the site @ it will drag you to the page that puts the name of all selection criteria. You can also search for the name by putting the number in the required field that appears on the screen. So, it will lead to knowing if you are a participant to go or not.

Hajj Balloting 2024 Result

The Hajj Balloting 2024 results are going to declare and millions of Muslims around the world anxiously await the outcome of the balloting. Millions of Muslims take part annually in the mass pilgrimage to Makkah for the Hajj rituals. Many applicants are going to be selected for this harmony to appear in the noble place to practice Hajj. The official site is putting the lucky names who will go to do this important task. This year, the Commission for Pilgrimage and Affairs of the Haramayn announced that a huge number of over a Million applicants, who had applied for Hajj 2024 were chosen through the balloting process.

The balloting, open to all over 18 years of age, was conducted in both Arab and foreign countries with a quota of 50% and 50% respectively. The age limit was not applicable for disabled and elderly pilgrims. But if we talk about our country, some queries are going on under the government. In this regard, we are listing some sort of news that applications are high but seats are fewer compared to the participants. Therefore, some lucky people will go to complete it by the grace of God. No doubt, it is the opportunity by Allah who allows coming into the noble home to complete the major pillar of Islam.

hajj application status 2024 Pakistan

This year, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of female pilgrims as compared to the previous year. The amount of female fortunate entrants is around 7.7% of the total lottery. But at the same time, males are also considering going for it by fortune. However, the Hajj Commission has also introduced a digital application system to facilitate the smooth running of the balloting process and to help ensure that all applications are handled properly. In this case, you can see the details as well as the name if you are selected or not. So, all eligible people will appear in the application delivered by the management of the authority to see it online.

hajj draw results 2024 Pakistan

Now if you searching for it, you should use that number to see the result of the query regarding the selection. The site will show you Ballot results to the number as per your insertion. Besides, the candidates can also use their CNIC number if they forget the slip number. The mainstream provides two methods that you can use and get the details according to the query. However, if you are new to finding the site, we are putting the source here. You should use to reach the site. This source will drag you to the exact page that holds complete details as well as the result.

Hajj Draw Result 2024 Candidates List

The most important thing about this year is the shortage of applications to select the people announced by the officials. Due to some reasons, the news rising that, the government is selecting a smaller number of people to go for it. But there are chances that you will be on the list. In this case, you can see by putting your CNIC number in the mentioned link that we put in the above area. So, when you will open the site, the ballot page will appear to accept the query. You can put the form number that you received after the application.

Hajj Draw Result 2024

Check Your Details Below:

  • Hajj Application Status
  • Performed Hajj
    (in Last Years)
  • Consecutive Unsuccessful
    (in the Last 3 or 4 Years)
  • Enter the Website

In this way, they are putting the policies as well as the details about the Hajji Camp, HGO scheme, and more. Many of the candidates already know about these services. But if you are new, you can explore by opening the home page of the official site. It will give you all the required information to your query.

Today Hajj News in Pakistan

You can also see the notification area in which you can see upcoming results and updates. At the same time, the management is also collecting complaints as well as suggestions to provide the candidates. So, you can also go to that section and get suggestions to take action. However, the applications are still going on 7 April to collect from the candidates. In this case, if you still thinking of taking action, you have time to do it as soon as possible. Furthermore, the scheme holds all queries as well as the instructions that you can read. So, it will help to determine what you can do for this Gov scheme.

hajj candidate list 2024

In addition, the page of inquiries holds the status of applicants, camp info as well and helpline details. So, you can get support from there by opening the page of inquiry at the main site. It will provide you with additional support regarding the scheme as well as other services. So, you can move that part to collect these things. Moreover, we already mentioned the exact page source above for those who are looking to see the ballot result. In this case, you should follow the instructions that we mention above. It will help to save time and get accurate records from the main site.

Similarly, the people can also explore this governmental organizational site to find other services regarding this harmony. The management is providing full support as per your query. Furthermore, we wish you the best of luck in performing this harmony of the annual Hajj. I pray for you from the bottom of my heart that Allah blesses you with this Hajj. And I hope you will pray for me too. May Allah grant us all the ability to fulfill this great duty, Ameen.

hajj qurandazi 2024 result

The Hajj Commission wishes all the selected applicants a safe and successful pilgrimage and urges them to always keep in mind the high spiritual significance of the Hajj. However, if you don’t already know the rules and what to do, you can contact the official team of this organization. They will support you with all major steps including the rules and necessary things. So, it will help to complete it accordingly. But many people are concerned with their imams following their instructions. It is not bad to follow religious instructions according to their sector. But the team of this organization also provides the book as well as the instructions that cover all necessary things.

The noble month is going on and many people have submitted their applications for the Hajj in this year. They complete all requirements as well as the additional things that are necessary to complete the procedure. So, the Hajj Balloting Draw Results 2024 check By CNIC Online if you already applied. The Ministry of Religious Affairs is taking responsibility for providing the services of this harmony. In this regard, they are collecting the lucky names who will go to perform Hajj this year. The management is working on it to deliver the name on their official site.

So, you can see the source from which you can get results or find the name of that site. The site is putting all inquiries on its main panel to disclose the names of members. In this way, if you already completed the previous procedure as per the policy of this organization, you can see the outcome. What you need to do is go to the main site. After that, you will see the page of inquiry regarding the Hajj application. So, during the procedure, they allocate the number in the form of a slip to you. In this way, you have that slip including the number.

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