CSS Past Paper Journalism 2023

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CSS Journalism Past Paper 2023

1. Banner Advertisement is a type of advertising related to:
a. Outdoor Advertising
b. Interactive Advertising
c. Corporate Advertising
d. None of these

2. The Public Relations department which covers the activities of the Provincial Government is:
a. PID
d. None of these

3. Hamsafar is house journal of:
a. Daewoo
b. Pakistan Railways
c. PIA
d. None of these

4. Sultan Lakhani is the Chief Editor of:
a. Daily Dawn
b. Daily The News
c. Daily Nation
d. None of these

5. The book “Process and Effects of Mass Communication” was written by:
a. Denis McQuail
b. Wilber Schram
c. Joseph Ascart

d. None of these

6. News appearing before the occurrence of events is termed as:
a. Curtain Raiser
b. Press Communique
c. Obituary
d. None of these

7. CPNE is a representative body of:
a. Newspaper employees
b. Newspaper editors
c. Newspaper owners
d. None of these

8. It is a compulsion for media organizations to _____ without changing or amending the text.
a. Press release
b. Press note
c. Hand out
d. None of these

9. Elahi Bakhsh Soomro is the capacity of Federal Information Minister announced to repeal:
a. PPO
c. PCO
d. None of these


A typical soundtrack that identifies a program is known as:
a. Soundtrack
b. Music track
c. Signature tune
d. None of these

11. There is limited and delayed feedback in _________ communication.
a. Interpersonal
b. Media
c. Mass
d. None of these

12. Family Magazine belongs to:
a. Jang Group of Publications
b. Nida-e-Millat Group of Publications
c. Century Publications
d. None of these

13. Obituary news relates to:
a. Deaths
b. Births
c. Weather
d. None of these

14. The function of mass media which relates to the provision of news is termed as:
a. Surveillance
b. Transmission
c. Correlation
d. None of these

15. The term “Media Determinism”, “Global Village: and “Hot and Cool Media” were termites and conceptualized by:
a. Harold Laswell
b. Walter Lipman
c. Marshal McLuhan
d. None of these

16. The name of the First ever Urdu newspaper of the sub-continent which started using colored photographs and cartoons was:
a. Jam-Jehan Numa
b. Tehzeeb-ul-Akhlaq
c. Hamdard
d. None of these

17. the advertising which praises the item to be sold with subjective opinions, superlatives or exaggerations is known as:
a. Puffery
b. Dummy
c. Garbage-in
d. None of these

18. A journalist who is not a full-time employee of one media organization is known as:
a. Reporter
b. Stinger
c. Freelancer
d. None of these

19. slander is:
a. Written defamation
b. Verbal defamation
c. Both of these
d. None of these

20. the first editor of “Dawn” was:
a. Faiz Ahmad Faiz
b. Shorish Kashmiri
c. Altaf Hussain
d. None of these

Part II


Q.2. Mass media’s dominant educational function relates to informal education, comment, and justifies with the help of relevant examples.
Q.3. “FM radio channels have revolutionized the broadcast landscape in Pakistan and have become one of the preferred sources of entertainment for youngsters: give your arguments for or against this statement.
Q.4. “Maulana Zafar Ali Khan’sZimindar’ introduced many new trends in Urdu Journalism”, explain in detail.
Q.5. Discuss the role of private TV channels in political and social mobilization after their inception in and after 2002 in Pakistan.


Q.6. critically evaluate the socio-economic impact of mobile package advertisement on Pakistani youth.
Q.7. describe the major types of editorials. What fictions does an editorial perform for its readers?
Q.8. “Public relations is the deliberate, planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain mutual understanding between an organization and its publics”.
Q.9. Media laws in Pakistan are a hindrance in the way of free media. Give your arguments for or against the comment keeping in view the current laws and ordinances relating to electronic media in Pakistan.

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