CSS Past Paper Constitutional Law 2023

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CSS Past Paper Constitutional Law

Q.2. Critically examine the amended procedure as to the appointment of the judges under the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan,1973.compare it with the relevant provisions in the Indian constitution.

Q.3. Provincial autonomy is the long persisting demand of the provinces in Pakistan. In your opinion to what extent did the constitutional (18th amendment)act,2023, satisfy the said demand?

Q.4. Indian constitution preaches democracy and secularism in theory, but the practice is otherwise. Discuss the statement in light of the constitutional provisions and historical events taken place in India.

Q.5. House of Lords has lost its utility and importance long ago, therefore it should either be abolished or reformed.
Examine the statement in the light of the discussions taken place in the united kingdom on the topic during the last two decades and also give your own views on the subject.

Q.6. ”Committee system increases the efficiency of a government”.
Discuss the statement with special reference to the committee system in the Westminister parliament and compare it with the system in the united states of America.

Q.7. The three pillars of the government in the USA have been taken apart from each other by the doctrine of separation of powers and cemented together by the doctrine of checks and balances.
Critically examine the statement.

Q.8. The 1936 constitution of the USSR is characterized by democratic centralism. Analyze the relevant provisions of the constitution paving the way to the said assumption.

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