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Career After Doing LLB in Pakistan

Here we will provide the full details of career options after doing llb and Career After Doing LLB in Pakistan. A legal system exists in every civilized society to safeguard people’s rights, interest, and their life and property. To run the system successfully there needs people who can understand the laws, interpret and explain them to the common people. There come the jobs for lawyers. Career as a lawyer has always been a respectful option in the civilized societies in the world. An advocate is one who speaks on behalf of another person, especially in a legal context.

He is licensed to practice law, learned in the law; as an attorney, counsel or solicitor; Lawyer profession involves the practical application and knowledge of acts, rules, statutes and laws of the land to solve people’s problems, or to advance the interests of those who hire lawyers to perform legal services. The role of the lawyer varies significantly across legal jurisdiction.

Career After Doing LLB in Pakistan

Specialization in Law

In many countries, lawyers are general practitioners who will take almost any kind of case that walks in the door. In others, there has been a tendency since the start of the 20th century for lawyers to specialize early in their careers. In countries where specialization is prevalent, many lawyers specialize in representing one side in one particular area of the law; thus, it is common in the United States to hear of plaintiffs’ personal injury attorneys.

Career After Doing LLB in Pakistan

Lawyer’s fee or earning

Lawyers are paid for their work in a variety of ways. In private practice, they may work for an hourly fee according to a billable hour structure, a contingency fee (usually in cases involving personal injury), or a lump sum payment if the matter is straightforward. Normally, most lawyers negotiate a written fee agreement up front and may require a non-refundable retainer in advance. In many countries there are fee-shifting arrangements by which the loser must pay the winner’s fees and costs.

                How to enroll as a lawyer in a Bar Council. How  to become a lawyer

Legal practitioners and Bar councils acts 1973 and Pakistan Legal Practitioners and Bar councils act 1976 are there for the registration/enrolment of lawyers and their qualification. Enrolment in the concerned Provincial Bar Council is imperative to practice as lawyer in the lower courts. After passing the examination of LL.B in Pakistan a person can get himself enrolled in the Bar Council.

So readers there are many hurdles for LLB Degree holders. Involving many steps to become a professional Barrister, or Chief Justice in Pakistan. Bachelor of LLB is facing the music after get a degree from a recognized University. We ensure you that we will provide you the best and latest information’s, results, and papers & many more in the field of Justice.

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