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Can We Read Namaz with Nail Polish or Makeup

If you are looking for Can We Read Namaz with Nail Polish or Makeup then the right page? Islam is a complete religion that guides us in every little aspect of our life. If we want to lead a satisfying life then being a true Muslim we have to act upon the teachings of Islam. As far as purity is concerned there is an Ahadith which says that:

Many people ask this question that can we read Namaz with nail polish or Makeup?

Can We Read Namaz with Nail Polish or Makeup

‘Purity is half of the faith.’

I want to answer this question in the light of our religion ISLAM. As we all know that Wazzu (Ablution) is necessary before offering prayer or any kind of worship. According to the Islamic Scholars nail polish creates a layer on the nails which is a water proof layer thus prevents water from touching the skin so wazuu can not be perform and Namaz too. Nail polish is a cosmetic which isolates the skin by making an impermeable layer.

Thus when we wash our hands for the purpose of worship water cannot reach our skin and nails are ideally left dry thus wazoo cannot be performed. As you know that any kind of worship required wazo so we cannot offer Namaz having nail polish on our nails. But we can perform wazu by having henna on our nails.

Can We Read Namaz with Nail Polish or Makeup

The next question is that can we read Namaz with makeup on our face?

The answer to this question depends upon the type of makeup or cosmetic used. It is noted that some face powders and cosmetic products form an insulating layer on the skin we call that makeup water proof because it prevents water from reaching the skin.

The purpose of the makeup is to remain for a long time on the face. It is must that water should reach the part of body being washed for the purpose of wazu. Therefore it is necessary that makeup should be removed from the skin in order to offer Namaz.

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