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Best Medical Schools/Colleges in Pakistan Complete List

If you are looking for Best Medical Schools/Colleges in Pakistan Complete List then right page. Whether you can get medical education to reach the level of MBBS, D.Pharmacy, DPT, or Bachelor of Dental Surgery BDS, and want to get admission to the best college. You can check the list of Best medical colleges in Pakistan in this post. Basically, there are multiple institutes as well as the medical organizations that are providing the degree of Medical. In fact, a medical college is available in almost every small and big city in Pakistan. But, the students who clear their matric exams and want to study in the field of medical science should select the best medical college. In this way, we are here to provide you with proper information regarding top medical colleges.

Even, you can check the best colleges according to city and division. So, read this post to know about the top medical colleges in Pakistan. Actually, there are lots of students who are searching for the best colleges near their cities. In this way, we are going to mention the popular name of medical colleges in this post that are near to you. So, you can check the popular name of medical colleges according to your city. Besides, in Pakistan there are two types of education in the medical field, So, the first one is public or government base and the second is private bases.

Best Colleges in Pakistan Complete List

In this way, the majority of students prefer private colleges with respect to government colleges. However, the government colleges are also providing a high-quality medical education with all equipment in the medical laboratory. In fact, they provide the chance to practice in government hospitals with respect to their fields.

List of Best Medical Schools/Colleges in Pakistan

Here we are going to mention the name of the best and top medical colleges that you can see in the below list. In this way, you can select the college according to the city to that you belong. So, the list of medical colleges in Pakistan is here.

  • Nishtar Medical College Multan
  • Bolan Medical College Quetta
  • Bahria University Medical and Dental College Karachi
  • University College of Medicine & Dentary Lahore
  • Ayub Medical College Abbottabad
  • Bannu Medical College Bannu
  • Gomal Medical College D.I.Khan
  • Abwa Medical College Faisalabad
  • Allama Iqbal Medical College Lahore
  • Aziz Fatimah Medical & Dental College Faisalabad

Actually, we mention the name of some popular colleges as well as their city name in the above list. However, you can see the other best colleges that are near to you from our list.

Best Colleges For Medical Education

If we talk about the best colleges in Pakistan that are providing the education of medical, we need to mention respect to the city. However, we are also providing the list of medical colleges to which you can get admission according to your city. Basically, in Pakistan, almost all colleges are providing the education of Medical faculty. But, some of them are made particularly for medical fields. In this way, almost every big city has a government medical college in which you can get admission for your medical study. However, there are some private colleges that are a little bit expensive but provide a high quality of education. Therefore, students prefer private colleges to get their medical education to get good marks.

Best Government Medical Colleges in Pakistan

Actually, there are a lot of medical colleges which are government to provide medical education. In fact, every big city has a government medical college in which you can get admission for medical education. If we talk about the big city Lahore, the best government medical college ever is Allama Iqbal Medical College. However, if we talk about the second big city Karachi, there is more than one government medical college. So, you can get admission to Fazaia Ruth Pfau Medical College FRPMC and Government Medical College Landhi. In fact, the branch of Fazaia is also available in Islamabad. On the other hand, if you want to get admission to Faisalabad, the Govt College of Para Medical Faisalabad is providing medical education for the students of Faisalabad.

Best Private Medical Colleges in Pakistan

If we talk about the private medical colleges in Pakistan, there is a big list of colleges that are providing education in medical fields. In fact, some institutes are providing the diplomas in medical science like D.Pharm and so on. However, the best organization CMH Multan Institute of Medical and Science is providing the different medical faculty programs. On the other hand, the best college with the name of Independent Medical College is available in Faisalabad. So, you can apply for admission to these colleges.

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