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BA BSC Short Syllabus 2023 Karachi University

Dear students of Karachi University this is to update you about the short syllabus 2023. As per the latest order Government to close education institutions the management decides to provide a short syllabus. In this uncertain environment about opening or not opening the educational institutions, students are also uncertain about the syllabus. Here we come to remove this uncertainty among the students by providing the short syllabus to the BA BSC students. So, the BA BSC Short Syllabus 2023 Karachi University is available here. According to the current order of lockdown, students are not able to cover the complete syllabus. Students confuse what is important regarding exams and what should they prepare as the teaching assistant is not available under current circumstances.

But the university also understands this difficulty of students and announces the shorty syllabus. This is only to facilitate the students and to remove the uncertainty in the market. Teachers of different colleges registered under Karachi University played an important role in this situation. The College’s teachers request the University many times to reduce the syllabus and VC gives importance to the teachers. Hence the new short syllabus is ready for the BA BSC students of Karachi University for the educational year 2023. We are providing the syllabus in a PDF file which you can download from this site. However, this facility to the students makes some relief in this uncertain time and provides them a straight line to works on.

Karachi University BA BSC Short Syllabus 2023 Download Pdf

This short syllabus removes the worry about what to prepare for the exams as now students have clear instructions in the form of a short syllabus. There is a compulsory subject which student needs to prepare carefully as last year only compulsory subjects were exam. Students must prepare the compulsory subjects more carefully as there are open chances of exams of compulsory subjects only. But to avoid any inconvenience students must pay attention to non-compulsory subjects also, but only on the short syllabus.

However, students must prepare only the short syllabus as there is not enough time to prepare the complete syllabus. Here on this website, the short syllabus is in the below link. students only need to click on the below link and download the PDF file of the short syllabus and start study with full focus to avail this golden chance to get high marks. This short syllabus is an open opportunity for the students to get high marks with reduced effort.

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