Azad Kashmir Election Result 2023

There is a complete detail of the Azad Kashmir Election Result 2023 Candidates List PTI PML-N PPP and other parties here. In this way, the ticket holder candidates list is mentioning about this general election of 2023. Basically, the general election of Azad Jammu and Kashmir is holding on 25 July of this year. In fact, the nominated candidates are highlighted from all districts of Azad Kashmir for this general election. In this way, the name of the ticket holder for all parties like PTI PML-N as well as PPP is mentioned here. So, you can check with respect to the party-wise nomination of candidates from all districts of the AJK general election 2023.

Basically, there are all important parties who are participating in the general election of the legislative assembly of Azad Kashmir. In this way, all parties are having nominated candidates for this election of 2023. In this way, there are 1 to 25 constituencies of AJK for general elections. However, the PTI is having all seats in this election instead of other parties. On the other hand, the Pakistan Muslim League N is covering 44 constituencies. But the fact about the Pakistan People’s Party is having only eight candidates for this election. In this way, the tickets are going to be handover the candidates for all parties.

Azad Kashmir Election Result 2023 Final Results PTI PML-N PPP


  • Candidate of Election 2023 Azad Jammu and Kashmir District
  • Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf ticket Holder
  • Muslim League-N ticket Holder
  • Pakistan People Party ticket Holder
  • JamatIslami Ticket Holder
  • Tahreek-e-Labik Pakistan Ticket Holder
party position in kashmir election 2023

On the other hand, there are some independent candidates who are participating in this general election of 2023. In this way, there are 261 independent candidates in the race of general election AJK 2023. They are covering 33 AJK constituencies for getting the votes in the 2023 election. However, the 56 candidates independently having 12 refugee seats for this general election. So, there are chances to get a non-worth result from this election of this year. Therefore, there are all parties are tacking their chances to get the win in this election. In this way, the result of this election will come in proper miners.

Lastly, the possible results will announce from the AJKEC official resources. In fact, the polling staff is already aware of their job to behave with tolerance. So, the results are expecting fair for every party candidate in this election. However, the additional resource for getting the current information about this election is mentioning here. In this way, you can stay at our website for getting new updates.

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