Admission in A Level and O Level, Courses Fee Eligibility Criteria

A level and O level admission has opened in A/Level and O/Level Plane for Private Students in Wahaj Hussain Seduction. A and O level Courses each are 2-year courses like FSc and Matric. Mostly A Level and O level Admission opens in the Month August and September Every Year. In all schools, only the best students are given the option to study for O and A level exams. Others are asked to appear in the Matric exam.

They are the cream of society – the best and the most beautiful minds brimming with ideas. O/level is equivalent to the Matric Class and A/level is Equivalent to the FSc. Many students of A-level students face disappointment and feel discouraged as they may be unable to get admission to colleges and other professional colleges as many FSc students are now getting more than 1,000 marks leaving no room for them. Also, the entry test is based on FSc and they have little time to prepare for them.

A/O Level Fee Structure

Admission in A Level and O Level, Courses Fee Eligibility Criteria

Private educational institutions that  O and A level students for different UK examination boards have deplored the situation and urged the IBCC to review the process of equivalence. Here we are providing Admission Criteria for the A-Level and O level And A/O Level Schools and Institutes And Admission Dates.

Admission in A Level and O Level, Courses

A-Level Admission Criteria

  • Credentials documenting prerequisite academic work that gives of ability to pursue a level program in your chosen area (Like Statement of Results and 3 previous Reports from schools-only for full-time students).
  • An earned 2-Years IGCSE or equivalent degree from an accredited school or college prior to the beginning A level studies.
  • A student must provide proof of taking English, Urdu, Mathematics, and either of the 3 science or 3 commerce subjects at IGCSE or equivalent level.
  • All applicants must have achieved at least a ‘Grade B’ in English and Mathematics.
  • At a minimum, a cumulative average equivalent to ‘Grade B’ or above in all Sciences and ‘Grade C’ or above in all Commerce subjects.
  • Students opting for Business Studies and Economics may be asked to sit for In-school English Proficiency Entrance Exam and achieve a minimum grade of B.
  • Students with IGCSE Core Curriculum do not qualify for A-Levels entry.
  • No provisional admission for students who are awaiting results statement or re-sitting in Oct/Nov sessions.
  • In addition, applicants should possess personal qualities which include discipline, good communication skills (speaking and listening), and well-behaved manners.
  • These p
  • erosional qualities are judged by consideration of written recommendations provided by the candidate from the previous school. Existing school students must also have written recommendations from their respective subject teachers.

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