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9 Class Tarjuma Tul Quran Guess Paper 2024

If you are an individual probing the 9 class tarjuma tul quran guess paper 2024 for your respective board, you can see details here. Actually, the preferable thing before doing it is to keep the complete view of your book. Only those can get high marks who did hard work on their study. Therefore, it is secondary to cover the topics that several people and teachers provide. In case, if you cannot spend much time on your studies, you can take a step to reach those topics who are having a high chance to come in the paper. However, it is not a final decision by the experts to rely on the selected topics. So, you should also cover the entire book for better results.

Basically, there are several aspects to keep on the list when you prepare for the paper. There are some short topics as well as long and other objectives. In this case, you need to figure from the past in the shape of papers that came in the last year. It is helpful to read that one to get a guess paper. However, we also going to discuss even mention for the aspirants of 9th. So, it will be more effective and valuable to collect more excellent marks. Therefore, the major topics as well as questions are in the form of a list available on this page. You can go accordingly and start your study for better performance.

9 Class Tarjuma Tul Quran Guess Paper 2024

There are some short questions that you can put in your diary and start recalling them. 

  • Explain two important academic and practical points of Surah Maryam.
  • Why was Surah Al-Hajj given this name?
  • What did Najashi do after hearing the recitation of Surah Maryam?
  • Explain one virtue of Surah al-Anbiya.
  • What is the summary of Surah Hajj?
  • Explain two important academic and practical points of Surah Furqan.
  • How has Hazrat Salman been mentioned in Surah Nimal?
  • What do you know about Qarun?
  • Why was Surah Al-Ankabut given this name?
  • What is prophesied in Surah al-Rum?
  • Who was Hazrat Luqman?
  • Describe any two pieces of Hazrat Luqman to your son.
  • Explain one virtue of Surah Sajdah.
  • State one virtue of Surah Yasin.
  • Explain another name of Surah Fatra and its reason.
  • What do you know about Qaum Saba?
  • The giants were subject to which prophet?
  • In the light of Surah al-Furqan, describe any two attributes of the servants of Rahman.
  • How is Hazrat Ibrahim mentioned in Surah Al-Safaat?
  • Briefly describe the event of revelation of Surah (?).

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Give the meaning of a few words to get five marks. On the other hand, there will be ingredients in which you will make the composition of them to get marks. In this case, you need to review the book and see the exercise. Actually, these will come from the exercise therefore we are putting just the topic not additional details. So, it is enough to remember the exercise section to cover the words/meaning and composition as well as similar questions.

Besides, the part of long is covers the topics that are here.

  • Surah al-Hajj including the introduction and summary of the chapter.
  • Surah-Al-Furqan with respect to the conclusion, summary, and more.
  • Surah-Maryam with all additional topics that are included in the chapter
  • Al-Qassas with hold the introduction, summary, and more.

Lastly, If you face any difficulty or have any other query in mind, you can ask to get more support.

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