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2nd Year Computer Important Long Questions 2024

The individuals of ICS can see the 2nd Year Computer Important Long Questions 2024 as well as the short at this place. The book covers 14 chapters which are having a value of long. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on the chapters that are important regarding the lengthy questions. So, here you will able to know which one has more value because of the place of questions. We also will deliver some additional things that will help to figure out this book. So, keep continuing to read to get additional things along with the Long Queries. There are several schemes as well as the authors that are putting their notes for the individuals.

But everyone that is mentioning their notes doesn’t need to get the surety to come in the final. No doubt, we also do not claim that those questions that we will discuss or deliver here will definitely come in the final exam. So, make sure to complete the book in the sense of getting high marks. It is a risk that you can take and apply to get marks in a short way. But it does not work all time if you did not read a complete book on Computer science. Therefore, it is also necessary to keep in the way and do hard work to get excellent marks. Besides, we are covering those questions in the below part that may help to figure out and get excellent marks in your exam.

2nd Year Computer Important Long Questions 2024

Important Questions

  • Define Data Manipulations.
  • Describe the features of DBMS.
  • What are the properties of relation? explain in detail.
  • Briefly describe the different types of Keys.
  • Write a note on the purpose of using views.
  • Define Modeling in detail.
  • What do you know about the ER diagram? explain in detail.
  • Write a note on Transitive dependency, entity, and integrity in detail.
  • Explain the RDBMS with an example.
  • Write uses of MS Access.
  • What are the advantages of IDE.
  • Write a note on the Cardinality of the relation.
  • What is the difference between key-up events and key press?
  • Difference between logical errors and syntax errors.
  • What is VBA?
  • What type of Errors can come in programming? Explain.
  • Describe the rules of variable naming.
  • What type of function can be used in programming?
  • Draw a structure of a simple program.
  • Types of Loop with example.
  • Compare binary and text streams.
  • What do you know about the translators?
  • Write a program to find the leap year.
  • write a program to find even and odd numbers.

These are some major questions that are having more value over others. So, keep in mind to remember but it is also important to focus on others. However, the complete book is having a bundle of questions that are worth also coming to the board. Therefore, you cannot ignore it if you want to get excellent marks. But the above are those who mostly come in the final as per the experience. In this case, you should put them in the priority but also remember others as well. Besides, there are some past papers and other tips that you can explore at this place. So, you will get a bundle of things that will add more value to your preparation to get good marks.

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