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1st Year islamiat Pairing Scheme 2024 Punjab Board

Several individuals are probing the 1st Year Islamiat Pairing Scheme 2024 Punjab Board. So, here you will get all the details of your query. Basically, the board delivers at their official site for the help of all individuals. In this case, when you reach the site, you will get additional things in order for your class. Therefore, the preferable thing is to discover the main site in which you will find all the latest news about the exam and more. But here you will see the Islamiyat subject pairing in which we are covering its all marks.

So, you can start your preparation according to the scheme. Actually, the subject has 50 marks in total which is divided into different parts. In this case, the first part is related to the MCQs which every aspirant will cover to get 10 marks. Similarly, the next step is to cover the short as well as long questions. However, this subject has a different type compared to others. Therefore, you need to keep in mind which one is more suitable. So, in the area of the next part, you can see some sort of short questions, Hadith, translation of verses, and more. In this case, chapter one has some basic topics which are below.

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In the section of verses, you need to read and translate in order to the specific verses. However, the option will be there to select and translate according to your expertise. In fact, it will come from the part of the Quran and you need to cover it and translate it according to the verses. So, it is holding 10 marks which you will get if you do it properly. On the other hand, it also can come in the section of short questions that you will able to cover withholding two marks. So, make sure to prepare yourself and get ready for it.

1st Year islamiat Pairing Scheme 2024 Punjab Board

  • Chapter 1: Basic beliefs? Monotheism, Prophethood, Angels, Heavenly Books, Hereafter
  • Chapter 2: Islamic Personality, Members of Islam, Love of Allah and His Messenger, Rights of Servants, Social Responsibilities.
  • Chapter 3: Asah Rasool, Mercy, Brotherhood, Equality, Patience, Ignorance, Forgiveness, Zikr.
  • Chapter 4: Introduction to Quran and Hadith, selected verses, selected hadiths.

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1st Year islamiat Pairing Scheme

The next part is all about the Hadith that will come from the book as we mention in the above area. In this case, if you did it properly to get good marks, you will gain 10 marks from this part. However, there will come more than one Hadith in which you will able to cover it and find the right solution. In this case, you need to translate and explore briefly. It will give you ten marks when you will cover it. But the hadith can also come in the short questions section with two marks. Before closing it, the part of the short question covers the 20 marks in which you will get from the above-mentioned chapters.

Therefore, you need to start your preparation according to the requirements. Similarly, if you are going to get it the first time, you need to explore it and find the best topics for the study. Throughout the above, the pattern is simple in that aspirants can start their preparation and get good marks in their exams.  However, if you have any other questions, you can mention them in the comment box to get additional details. On the other hand, we also deliver valuable data in order to provide services for aspirants. In this case, you need to cover it and find on the main page of this site.

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