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1st Year Economics Pairing Scheme 2024

However, here we are providing the Economics paring scheme for the 1st year students. So, students can get help with respect to this pairing scheme. Actually, the pairing scheme is the key to the syllabus in which students can get more help. The Pairing scheme guides the students in the preparation of their exams. In this way, students can get help with the chapter. However, it leads to how many questions will come from a specific chapter. The students of first-year who are having subject of 1st-year economics can check the pairing scheme here. So, the 1st Year Economics Pairing Scheme 2024 in Urdu is available here. Students can check the new pairing scheme for their economic subject.

However, students can also check the other subjects’ pairing schemes according to their course. In fact, if you are a commerce student then here we are providing all subject pairing schemes for the students. On the other hand, students can also find other FA as well as FSC and ICS subject pairing schemes from this website.

1st Year Economics Pairing Scheme 2024 in Urdu

Actually, the pairing scheme that you are reading is coming from the APL in which you can check officially. So, the content of the economics subject pairing scheme is available below.

Short Questions:

  • Question number 2 of the subjective section covers 3 questions from Chapter 1 as well as 2 3 and 4.
  • However, question number 3 also has 3 questions from chapters number 5 to 8 and each chapter covers 3 questions.
  • In fact, the 4th question has four questions from chapter Ten as well as three questions from Nine-Eleven and twelve each.

On the other hand, there are long question pairing schemes below

Long questions:

So, Question 5: can come from Chapter 1 or 2, and Question 5: can come from 3 or 4 as well as 7 from 5 or 7. However, question 8 will come from chapter 10 and the last question will come from the 12th chapter.

So, the students who get all subject pairing schemes can go to the home page and search for their subjects. In fact, the long question, as well as the short question and MCQ information, is covering the pairing scheme. So, below the pairing scheme is waiting for your reading go below. However, if you want to get more details as well as information about this pairing scheme then comment below.

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