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1st Year Biology MCQs With Answers PDF Download

There are several individuals going to appear in the exam of the first year. In this case, the aspirants of pre-medical can get 1st Year Biology MCQs With Answers PDF Download at this place. However, there are fourteen chapters in which every chapter has its value to come in the paper. Therefore, the students should prepare according to the worth of the chapter to come in the exam. In the pdf format, there are almost all chapters are available on the internet and you can find them according to the subject.

1st Year Biology MCQs

But here we are covering the answers to chapter number fourteen in which you can start your preparation in order to your query. Basically, these are the MCQs that mostly come in the final as per the research of the previous years. Therefore, you should put them in the notes that you are using to get prepared for your final exam. So, see the question in order to the options and their respective accurate solution on his page. It will help you to remember and start studying according to this file.

1st Year Biology MCQs With Answers PDF Download

  1. The liver absorbs blood from the digestive system via the following routes:
  2. a) Portal vein b) Hapatic vein c) Lilac vein d) Hepatic vein Answer: D
  3. Dry seed volume can be increased up to 200 times by:
  4. a) Diffusion b) Osmosis c) Imbibition d) Active transport Answer: C
  5. The ions involved in stomata opening and closing are:
  6. a) Sodium b) Calcium c) Potassium d) Magnesium Answer: C
  7. The valves found in veins are known as:
  8. a) Bicuspid b) Semi-lunar c) Tricuspid d) Aortic Answer: B
  9. Earthworms have two pairs of lateral hearts:
  10. a) 3 b) 7 c) 5 d) 6 Answer: C
  11. A disorder in which the hemoglobin molecule has a F chain rather than a -chain is known as:
  12. a) Thalassemia b) Leukaemia c) Oedema d) Emphysema Answer: A
  13. There is no such thing as a double circuit heart in:
  14. a) Birds b) Mammals c) Reptiles d) Fish Answer: D
  15. The shrinkage of a cell’s protoplast:
  16. a) Deplasmolysis b) Incipient Plasmolysis c) Guttation d) Plasmolysis Answer: D
  17. Casparian strips are found in root cells:
  18. a) Cortex b) Epidermis c) Endodermis d) Phloem Answer: B
  19. Blood platelets are little pieces of a larger cell known as:
  20. a) Leucocyte b) Megakaryocyte c) Erythrocyte d) Granulocyte Answer: C
  21. The disorder that causes artistry narrowing and hardness is known as:
  22. a) Atherosclerosis b) Necrosis c) Sclerosis d) Apoptosis Answer: A
  23. Uncontrolled white blood cell production results in:
  24. a) Leucaemia b) Thalassamia c) Oedema d) Asthma Answer: A
  25. Antibody-containing serum is referred to as:
  26. a) Antigen b) Antibiotics c) Lymph d) Antiserum Answer: D
  27. White blood cells account for 62% of all cells in the body.
  28. a) Neutrophils b) Eosinophils c) Basophils d) Lymphocytes Answer: A
  29. Water loss by hydathodes in leaves is referred to as:
  30. a) Transpiration b) Bleeding c) Guttation d) Imbibition Answer: C
  31. Casprin stripes can be found in:
  32. a) Root cortex b) Root endodermis c) Xylem d) Phloem Answer: B
  33. Dewdrops on the tips of grass leaves entail the phenomenon:
  34. a) Imbibition b) Bleeding c) Guttation d) Transpiration Pull Answer: C
  35. Casprin stripe can be found in:
  36. a) Root cartex b) Root endodermis c) Xylem d) Phloem Answer: B
  37. A chemical that prevents blood clots is:
  38. a) Neparin b) Fibrinogen c) Fibrin d) Thrombin Answer: A
  39. The typical blood pH is:
  40. a) 7.4 b) 6.0 c) 8.0 d) 9.0 Answer: A

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